What the solar eclipse looked like from the Moon

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the EPIC camera on DISCOVR also captured some really awesome color images:


step thru the times to see the moon’s shadow cross the earth.

this is “al gore’s” satellite, the one that the bush admin mothballed for political reasons and during the obama administration they managed to get it launched.


This is why we need lunar colonies. There’s a minimum of four eclipses in every Earth year but they’re a lot easier to see from the Moon. Sure, they may not look as exciting, but at least you won’t have to travel as far to get a good viewing spot.

Fake news. The moon doesn’t exist, it’s all a scam by NASA to siphon money out of our pockets for more fake moon landings. That thing we see in the sky at night isn’t even there a lot of the time-- if it’s some kind of huge space rock, then where does it go? Nice try, ivory tower eggheads, you can’t hide something of that size. Hell, during the so-called “eclipse” I looked right up at the sun and didn’t see a damn thing, still can’t.


I was expecting a joke post, with something like:


Hey, I can see my house from there!


So this is an undoctored photo of the earth? Someone show the flat earthers , who love to harp on the fact some of the NASA released images are composites.

Wait, NVM, they will claim it is CGI.


I think I see a Photoshop line. No wait, that’s just Chile playing tricks on my eyes.

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What a crappy video, I want my money back! One lousy frame for ten seconds, and not even any epic and heroic music?


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