What the world needs now is cute, sweet puppies


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Oh my wordy lordy, yes. Moar puppies. MOAR!


Horrific, ferocious chewing machines :rofl:


As with all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, my dog is an emotional manipulator of the highest order. They’re like basilisks, except instead of stone, making eye contact with them turns you to mush and you want to give them whatever they want.


Puppies. The opiate of the (internet) masses.


Oh, man. That video SO evokes a memory of “puppy breath”.


I needed that…


You always have to wonder who went with the “Obviously what my unconditional love breeding program needs is more wolves” strategy.

It paid off handsomely; but the initial skepticism must have been fairly withering.


My sister just got one of those same breed! He’s about four months old and cinnamon colored. His name is Bear.


Apparently, kittens are the crack cocaine of the (internet) masses, and porn is the meth amphetamine.


I see your puppies and raise you 80 seconds of an adorable kitten


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