Time for a puppy party


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Thanks. I needed that.


Ugh. They’re not cats, are they?


I need a Trump chaser after all that cuteness.


The floof is strong in those young 'uns.


Love the makeover @crenquis. Looks good on you. Hardly creepy at all.


yeah, where’s all the great videos of Trump and Pence buddying around together. That’s what we need here.


Just remember - you asked for it.


Shhh, I borrowed @melizmatic’s makeup while she is on “vacation”


Not complaining, just curious – when did “puppers” become a thing? I had never heard the term before about a month ago, and since then ~ 50% of dog-based social media posts that I’ve seen are using it. I’d love to track down its etymology, but I suspect its buried too deeply in the bowels of the web.


With crack-down on kratom, puppers have become one of the few remaining legal highs…


Street-slang mutation of Animal Nitrate, ain’t it?


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