FACT: Dogs finally won the internet from cats at the same time Trump announced his presidential candidacy


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/13/fact-dogs-finally-won-the-int.html


Hey, don’t you go painting puppers with the Trump brush!


I KNEW IT! dogs were just getting us into a false sense of security. at least cats are transparent.


The thing that makes cats in charge of the internet WHICH THEY STILL ARE is that cats aren’t trying. Dogs are the living definition of trying too hard, which (like Turmp) plays well with witless rubes but soon gets old.


When you check the terms “cats” and “dogs”, “dogs” have always been more interesting than “cats” (except in Iran, where “cats” are bigger).

I’m thinking people just say cats rule the internet because of that brain-controlling parasite that cats spread.


Cats don’t spread the parasite, mice do. Cats are victims of it just as much as their human slaves are.


Typical cat-owner talk… :wink:


We don’t own them, they own us. :smile_cat:


And days before Trump’s swearing in, we have:

…and quick brown foxes literally jumping over lazy dogs!

Clearly, this dude has upset the natural order.


They’re good dogs, Brent.


Trump presidency? Dog-filled (instead of cat-filled) internet? this is not a world I want to live in…


Excellent dogs, Brant! 12/10!


Can you imagine videos of dogs playing adorably with their freshly-slain rodents? Why would anybody make dog videos anyway? To see them… I dunno… barking or something?


Mass hysteria!


Came for the human sacrifice, stayed for the mass hysteria.


Dogs rule, cats drool.

I’m sure that’s how it goes. But i like all animals, so… disregard.


Dogs and Trump supporters share a common interest in vomiting all over something, only to eat the vomit later.


So Trump’s popularity coincided with an increased popularity of loud, awful, obnoxious, dangerous creatures that don’t respect your personal space and will hump your leg if given the chance? That checks out.


I am 40 years old and I have never seen the terms Pupper or Kitteh. What language is this suppose to be?


I’m older than you and I’ve seen both for years. Maybe these words are actually just used by the Olds! :wink: