Donald Trump buttplug


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I can think of a thousand other things I would rather stick up my ass than an effigy of Donald Trump, but it’s a nice effort.


And now I need a cover story for my explosion of laughter, snarf, and coughing fit.


Is it wrong to want to see your list?


IDK, a Trump Plug in the rump is probably less irritating than Trump IRL.


You know, if I really wanted to be raped by Donald, I’d just vote for him.


That thing looks more uncomfortable than its source material.


Oh, the places he’ll go.


You mean he wasn’t already a butt plug?


It’s the classiest, most exclusive…


Wow, a new low.
shakes head
This guy has gone beyond being a joke. He really needs help, methinks. Talk about drunk on his own juices…


So . . . this would be a “fecal transplant” then?


Exactly. I was thinking that I already generally have enough feces in there without shoving more up there…


I thought that it was more of a “here’s an asshole for your asshole” situation.


Also relevant


All at once?


Assholeception? I’m sure that there are some physicists that would be mighty interested to try to figure out what happens when you shove a hole into a hole.

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