The Trumpturd: a squishy that benefits ACLU, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, or the Institute for Free Speech


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So much disdain for our alleged President. But still not at optimum disdain. Carry on.


I should probably start a GoFundMe now to cover the legal fees of the first person to stick one in the Guggenhiem’s toilet.


Looks like Jabba the Trump.


Only if it’s hand-painted in China.


I don’t see any gold leaf flakes.


Jabba the Dump.


I’ll pay double NOT to have a poo shaped Trump squishy anywhere near me, thank you very much!


Or, you could just donate some money directly to your charity of choice, and not have to look at that horrendous piece of shit (that happens also to be shaped like a shit).


I just ordered one, but set the delivery address to the white house. They should make that the default option. Seeing Turd shaped Trumps become popular around the country is exactly the type of stupid shit that would get under Trump’s skin.


How big is this turd? Seriously, what are the dimensions of the Trumpturd? It needs to be a reasonable handful to provide any therapeutic value for “stress” relief.


Please let us know how this plays out.


Somebody let the Cards Against Humanity guys know, I bet they’d get on board with a campaign like that.


Scene 1: I take a dump and out pops a Trumptard.
Scene 2: Me, in the emergency room, screaming “Check me for colon cancer… now!!


Nice move, but do not be surprised if some US intelligence agency pays you a visit.


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