2016's best pooping-related gift guide


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Are you shitting me with this?


Another product for your sh*t list https://poopuppets.com/collections/frontpage/products/donald-trump-dog-poop-bags


Rob, the link to your Twitter page is wrong at the bottom of the site. (Forgot the S in your name)


I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with Donald Trump’s face.



Okay, I get you don’t like Trump, but the Merovingians? It’s been over 1300 years. Frankly, dude, it’s time to let it go.


I’d be afraid it would give me some weird incurable rectal rash. I have no idea how I’d explain that to my doctor.


Are we going to have a gofundme to get one of each for @Donald_Petersen?


What’s Up-Dog?


Well, you could always go to that weird doctor of Trump’s. He’s probably familiar with orange anuses that try to sexually assault you…


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