Trump's Acting Attorney General was an active participant in a scam company that marketed "masculine toilets"


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Trump needs to learn the virtues of a dart board when picking candidates. While certainly all media wants his scalp…doesn’t explain why he continues to inflict humor on himself.


Whitaker is a trumpanzie goon, and that’s on a good day. Holy Mother of Dog, please swear in that Democrat controlled Congress, STAT!


Another grotesque creature added to the swamp by the America’s foremost public grifter.


Whitaker is a complete, all around, total fail. Fits perfectly in this administration!


So he’s a colorful character. I think he’s interesting!


Cold porcelain is an unwelcome sensation.


now that I think about, the entire idea of a toilet is very yonic.

I guess these toilets were much more masculine, some sort of cylinder/robot arm that reaches into the anus and removes each poo individually? Much more masculine than dropping your turds into an extremely vaginal “bowl”


Every time you think Trump cannot possibly get any lower, the asshole finds a bigger shovel…


Sounds like they just had a dick notch.


you’re too far away to neuralize, so i’ll have to ask you do drink a few shots of 151 while I edit that post - sounds like I’ve got a hot business opportunity brewing


I think we just found the perfect nickname for Whitaker though.

Dick Notch.

Rolls off the tongue.


There’s really no reason to debase Mixed Martial Artists in this article.


It just boggles my mind how any sane person can vote GOP.


It’s fun to say “Ooh, that’s cold!” after unzipping at one of the low urinals.


Acting in commercials must be right at the very top of the list of soul crushing professions.


Trump’s Acting Attorney General was an active participant in a scam company that marketed “masculine toilets”

Well, of /course/ he was.


how can you keep your penis flacid enough to rest in a slot if you’re pushing out turds? :thinking:


Would the guy fit in the Obama administration? No.
Does he fit in the Trump administration? Cabinet-level!


“Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the wedding day of your daughter and I hope that their first toilet is a masculine toilet, and I pledge my never ending loyalty.”