Toilet paper featuring Trump tweets


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Sadly, it’s already sold out,

Shit out’a luck then…


Smeared fecal matter would actually clean up the tenor of the tweets.


Those tweets are not worthy enough to wipe my ass.


Amazon is less “out of stock” than simply having decided that it won’t carry it anymore. Try a general internet search and see if other parties are carrying it. I’d be very surprised if that didn’t turn up something. Bon chance.


Two Ply or To Lie?


No thanks. He’s been too much of a pain in my ass already.



I figured Trump would prefer to be thought of as a Soprano.


On the one hand it should be the lowest quality paper possible on the other hand, oh no it broke and got on the other hand!


In that vein, I think of him as a castrato.


No thanks, I want to feel cleaner after wiping. Not like my previously shit stained anus is now somehow contaminated with something worse.


We as a society need to put the Trump era behind us.


I’m holding it until they come out with trump visage urinal cakes.

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