Moron-in-Chief threw "very good towels" in Puerto Rico


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Two more complete morons I cannot imagine.


Why don’t they just make out and get it over with?


These beautiful, soft towels, very good towels, are great for soaking up water. Big water.

See Spot run. Run Spot, run.



Thank you for the bounty we’re about to recieve


So we have actual, factual footage, of Trump LITERALLY “Throwing In The Towel” on his Presidency!





You assume they didn’t?



This type of nonsense cannot last. Trump will hopefully quit because his fragile ego cannot handle constant criticism. I’ve noticed that his hair color, formerly a piss-yellow hue, has been looking more gray or white in recent days. Maybe the stress is getting to him.


Hands are too big.


Trump Towels: the quicker-fucker-upper!


So wait, this fucktard showed up and handed out…towels? To people in need of clean water, food, medicine, shelter and safety?

And then fucked off to talk about what a rock star he is in an interview?


Forget paper towels. For this term, I’m looking for barf bags in bulk. Maybe Amazon?


One wonders whether Cheeto Benito was throwing Koch-Brother-Approved™ Brawny paper towels, or some other, improperly-sourced, communist brand.


A good paper towel replaces all my worldly needs. But it has to be a good one.


Or he’s stopped using dye, because he can.

If his supporters like the old look, I suggest chanting “Dye! Dye! Dye!” at his rallies.


Bravo! Bellisimo!