New York Attorney General bans Trump Foundation from raising money in NY state


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Such a wonderful Monday morning. Now let’s get those Trump U. cases rolling.



Lets hope that attorney generals in other states join suit. NEXT!..


Although I can actually see a purpose in religion on a personal level. (Not so much on the large scale business model that’s so popular for social control, of course.) I can’t say the same for Trump. I see no purpose for him at all.


I cannot help thinking that a really sincere church in the US would take the bit about “give Caesar what is Caesar’s” and pay taxes on any surplus income that wasn’t, you know, redistributed to the poor. If a church was run as an ethical business, it would surely want to contribute to benefiting all the people it wasn’t able to reach directly.

In the past our ancestors used to dip the corpses of executed murderers in pitch and hang them at crossroads to remind people that law enforcement was quite terminal. So I can see a possible use for him, though one that is unlikely to happen. Horrible example.


I’m sure the IRS would like to follow suit, but Liberal Bias! Scandal! Infamy!


it occurs to me that a serious side-benefit to having hillary win would be the simultaneous tear-down of trump’s empire via all this much-needed scrutiny. seeing him having to go work for minimum wage for an actual living would be such sweet justice, don’t you think?


attorneys general


Has anyone yet asked the people who donated to the Trump Foundation how they feel about where their money went?

I mean, if you donated $20k, wrote it off on your taxes, then found it was used to buy a painting I bet you’d be a little pissed, but then if it turns out you claimed a deduction on non-existent charity what would the IRS say about that?


Generals’ Attorneys


I’m pretty sure the vast majority of “donors” are not under the false impression the they’re giving to charity when donating to this so-called foundation.


This won’t change much. I mean, he keeps asking foreign nationals to contribute to his campaign which is even more illegal.


This is a disaster for the vanity portrait industry.



I think I’m starting to go off this guy.



Typos are fun!


Let me guess - you have been on a Buddhist retreat on a distant mountain in Thailand beyond the reach of any phone mast, in a ravine that stops VHF and satellite communication, and above the maximum altitude of the strongest carrier pigeon, while wearing ear defenders and welding goggles, for the last thirty years?


Obviously correct since these are American attorneys, but in British we get round the problem with the aid of a hyphen, viz. attorney-generals. But then we don’t award our generals stars; we have major-generals, lieutenant-generals, rear-admirals, sergeant-majors and idiot-savants, all to save the bother of remembering which bit to pluralise. That’s because hyphens don’t cost any more than whitespace.


They probably feel like suckers, and they should. Consider this:

Trump decides that he wants to make a donation to the Palm Beach Police Foundation. But he doesn’t use his money and he doesn’t want to - apparently doesn’t want to sort of draw money out of the Trump Foundation. So what he does is he calls another foundation, the Charles Evans Foundation…
The assumption they had was that Trump was gathering money from a lot of people and sort of bundling it together. Well, what happened was Trump just took the money they’d given him, the 150,000, gave it to the Palm Beach Police Foundation as his gift, adding nothing of his own, adding no money from his foundation or money from his own pocket. He turns their gift into his gift, and then he not only gets an award, he gets a giant crystal palm tree for his selfless support of the cause. He also gets to keep their business. He gets to butter up a client who pays $270,000 for one night at Mar-a-Lago. So he comes out with much - he hasn’t spent any of his own money, and he comes out with $270,000 in revenue, having only donated a donation from somebody else.

Source: Fresh Air interview, September 28, 2016