Kickstarting a Trumpy the Rat inflatable for the sidewalk outside of Trump Tower


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It’s missing a russian flag pin


put the pressure release vent in it’s mouth so the hot air comes out all natural like


A MAGA hat would be a nice touch.


It would certainly give the tourists something photograph.


The Russian pin will be inserted when his collusion with Russia is revealed, simultaneously deflating both the giant rat and his presidency.


so many ways to depict the donald - is this one known / dog-whistly / offensive? - if so i will remove it


I don’t know that meme; why would it be offensive/dog whistle?


i don’t even know what the heck it is - could be anything


There is zero chance the Secret Service / NYPD would allow this to be placed outside the Trump Tower.

It’s a nice idea, but I think the money and effort would be better focused elsewhere.


Perfect for this most New York of right-wing plutocrat demagogues. Scabby the Rat was one of the many unique little touches that made my years in NYC so memorable, although at the time I just called him “Ya Rat Bastid!”


$5 pledged, fingers crossed


Perhaps a projected image would do. After all it’s (mostly) night when the rats come out.


Show me the permits to keep it permanently outside Rump tower and I will contribute.


No sympathies for Trump here, but likening political opponents to rats and other vermin is a slippery path.


Depicting Trump as a rat. I don’t know. Couldn’t that be interpreted as animal cruelty?


it’s from this video


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