What was this mystery boom that shook South Carolina on Tuesday? (video)

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A boom big enough to be heard across SC would have to be pretty high up, as whatever went boom that loud would have done serious damage at ground level…


Might be the recording device, but that’s a weird boom in how it lacks echoing reverb like thunder would have.

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“Lockheed Martin can confirm we had flight operations in that area and around that time this morning. As part of the pre-delivery testing, all F-16s will conduct flight tests that include flying supersonic. All our flight testing takes place in airspace designated by the FAA, and noise levels heard by the community will depend on various factors such as the type of flight operations, the power setting, altitude, and weather conditions. In January, we launched a new era for the F-16 program, with the successful first flight of the F-16 Block 70 in Greenville. This F-16 Block 70 jet is the first of 16 jets to be delivered to Bahrain. The jet will undergo continued flight tests in Greenville followed by additional flight testing at Edwards Air Force Base.”

“Everybody’s fine and there’s no balloon in the air so we’re ok. We’ll fine,”


This combined with the lack of seismic activity makes sense it was a supersonic flight. What I don’t get is why are people who live in an “airspace designated by the FAA” not accustomed to hearing booms?

The statement is very detailed except for the actual cause which makes the statement suspicious. I wonder if a pilot was in the wrong place or if the “designated airspace” isn’t designated for supersonic flight. (All airspace is designated, but very little airspace is designated supersonic).



Absolutely a jet going supersonic.

Living out here in Portland, something that’s not commonly known amongst people that don’t live here, is that NORAD is still on active and full alert in the pacific northwest. So at least four times a day they’re running off to the coast and the patrol zones, and a number of those times they’re going supersonic to do that. (Or running off to an actual thing at supersonic off the runway, like the Q400 theft a few years back up at Seatac.)

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i don’t remember that one at all, wild and sad. he could have hurt a lot of people.

Rolling Stone magazine investigated the incident and reported in 2021 that some of Russell’s friends and family believe he may have suffered brain injuries during his football years in high school and college.


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I was thinking “supersonic”, or weirdly quick echo.

Yeah, they should have used a boom-mic.


OK, boomer.

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Wow. This is interesting. Are you close enough to hear the booms?

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