What we can learn from a Bollywood blockbuster about periods

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My wife’s snarky comment on this was like, “Don’t worry, now a MAN is on the case and everything will be fixed!”

It seems like an unfortunate reality that getting men to care about these issues might be the only way to actually foment change. I guess destroying the systems of oppression will come later?


Flipside: yet another “White Knight” story. I totally don’t blame women who are enraged both by “man comes to the rescue of wimmins” stories and that we live in a world where that even sometimes the reality.


This short Oscar-winning documentary gives a good account of the story. It’s inspiring and maddening at the same time. Directed by a woman, with a cast of women playing themselves, but it does show a man, Muruganatham himself.


Let’s hope, preferably sooner than later. Imagine how many women wanted to do something like this but were shot down from the beginning.


One of the reasons why Sikhism is one of the few organized religions that I appreciate : menstruation is viewed as positive, as the first guru thought that it was wonderful because it meant that the girl becomes a woman and can now create life. It is in complete opposition with most religions of the area (mainly Hinduism) and is certainly in opposition with Judaism and Christianity on that matter.


Well, and the Sikhs also were led by a woman (in war and peace) something like (not checking my dates) four centuries ago. Others are still not remotely ready on either count.

ETA: Off by a century. 1705.


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