What your favorite sad dad band says about you

I wanted badly to like the mountain goats but the singer’s voice grates on me. Kinda like the guy from bare naked ladies. I know his songwriting and lyrics are good. But I just cant get past that voice. I know this is just a me thing. I know a lot of people love it. Ah well.

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So Joy Division’s a sad granddad band now?


No Shins, although Father John Misty but not Fleet Foxes…
Bon Iver is spot on, though.

Joy Division transcends.

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I hear Joy Division played in Kroger’s now.

I mean, yeah, it’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, but still


Doesn’t matter. Joy Division transcends.

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Hey, don’t lose control, I am receiving your transmission! Just saying it’s weird what capitalism can co-opt given enough time.

Still expecting to hear It’s Her Factory playing in a Bed Bath & Beyond within my lifetime


The pickup truck thing is my escape hatch too (my Toyota is a Prius hatchback).

And the Mountain Goats are indeed awesome

It doesn’t even explain what constitutes a “sad dad band” so that I can complain both that my favorite isn’t on the list and also that the entry for my 3rd favorite feels like a personal attack.


[Well, I had to click through to the BB blog posting, seeing that Beschizza’s avatar is on the OP here on the forum, and then reading where the author says “I’m not a dad”. Oh my goodness, did something happen to Rob’s adorable child?!? Ah…it’s a post by Jennifer Sandlin…whew!]


You might like his novels…

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Man, I miss Wits

I’m a full-grown person, allegedly, so I don’t have a “favorite band” anymore, but Pavement are definitely up there (going to see them in November) and when anyone asks, they’re my go-to answer for convenience.

Nice to be represented in a McSweeneys analysis! Not too bothered about walnuts though.


I’m going to use the pithy one-liners from that article and make an acerbic Talking Heads/Baz Luhrmann mashup.


I only recently heard of the Mountain Goats and have been really getting into it.
“Heretic Pride” is probably my fave album but I haven’t heard much of the huge back catalogue yet.
Also, I’m not a Dad - but am often sad.

I can relate, vocal style is reminiscent of REM or They Might be Giants, more folksy, and the lyrics are sublime.

Thank you for posting this. Was scrolling in a panic thinking something had happened to Rob’s kid.


IKR? On reflection, I guess if something had happened to Rob’s (or anyone’s) child they wouldn’t have written such a casual-sounding sentence. But it did give me a start. The “facts” as presented just didn’t add up!

It is weird how some of the guest or irregular (I don’t know what term to use) BB authors, who don’t have accounts here, will sometimes show the BB logo here on the OPs on the bbs, and sometimes show one of the editor’s username/avatars. For the longest time I thought Popkin might actually be Frauenfelder pulling extra shifts and trying to make it look like he wasn’t doing most of the writing for the blog himself (like maybe it was a cost-saving measure). Or they couldn’t find new authors (which is silly, because I’m sure BB has tons of writers knocking down their doors hoping to write for them). (Now I think Popkin is not the same person as Mark…though I’m still not 100% convinced, lol.)

Well, that went off-topic quickly. Help! Someone get us back to sad dad bands! I’m afraid I have almost nothing to say about them…


Does Toad the Wet Sprocket count? I’m still unclear on the definition.


I have no idea!