Bearded shirtless dude dancing his crazy ass off to bluegrass is happiest guy in the world


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I watch this with the sound off and suddenly I hear “Yakety Sax”.

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That is a seriously lucid interpretation of the music.


I think my Dad walked through the frame at about 0:31. HEY DAD!

Remix with “Party Rock Anthem” in 3…2…1…

YUP THAT’S MUH STATE!!! Was really digging the jazz hands at the end. But seriously, who can blame the guy. That band was cutting a rug. Anyone know who was playing in that clip? That was crazy good and I don’t even like bluegrass that much.

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One word: LSD.
Ha! Sorry, I just remember working so many Dead concerts here in the Bay area.

“No actual bluegrass bumblebees were shredded in the making of this video.”

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Can’t say for sure, but that fiddler really sounds like Nicky Sanders of Steep Canyon Rangers.

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Do you mean the dancer, the fiddler, or THE DANCER AND THE FIDDLER?

I only meant the dancer, but now that you ask the question, I’m switching to both and pretending like I meant that all along…

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Happy. Meth. Whatever.

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Can you tell me about that particular style of bluegrass playing in the clip? With the fast banjo picking? I don’t know if bluegrass is like metal, with a thousand ‘cores’, but I really really liked that and would like to hear more. I’ll check out Steep Canyon Rangers, thanks.

A certain club night I used to frequent would hand out prizes for ‘Most Enthusiastic Dancer’.

Not the best, mind. The most enthusiastic.

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All good music should leave us half naked, barefoot, and stomping on the ground.


From experience, great music helps but isn’t essential. OK music and OK drugs will have a similar effect.


Playing video with sound off. Listening to Joy Division. It still works.

Was that the actual sound track or was it dubbed?

If I had to guess I’d say there’s a lot more M’s and D’s and A’s in that one word, but who knows.


Or this