Whatcha Reading? (Picking it up again)

Finished a quick reread of Ellison’s “Deathbird Stories” because I needed a light read :wink:

Was talking authors with an acquaintance, and mentioned Ellison. He’d only read “I Have No Mouth…” “Is all of his stuff that dark?” Heh. Not really, sorta, maybe…

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Stepping back into a reread of Anathem. I’ll let you know when I resurface.

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Reeve was on the ground covering the Unite the Right rally and has spent an ungodly amount of time interviewing people on the far-right. The book does a good job of painting a portrait of a few people in the movement while also making sure not to sympathize with them. (Literally at one point she says something to the effect of, “Regardless of anything, they made a choice. They weren’t forced into it. They made a choice to believe in and do these things.”) It’s not the easiest read because these people have some screwed up beliefs. It’s a good read, though.