Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


Since Season One ended in a cliffhanger, I have received permission to reboot this critically-acclaimed franchise.

To quote the original introduction, “This post is for the discussion of new or obscure tv shows and series that you think other mutants would dig, but they may not be hip to yet”. To which I can only add, “Groovy”.

The Rules (there must always be rules):

Rule One: The thread is for discussion of television shows. Books and movies may only be mentioned in the context of related TV series. If you wish to compare the treatment of the concepts of sin and repentance in Piers Plowman and Breaking Bad, you will have to start a separate topic.

Rule Two: Well, that’s about it actually.

Underrated and overrated films (and other general filmy chat)
Is Everyone Else Depressed?

I just finished season one of Netflix’s Travelers. I’m a sucker for time travel shows and this one gets it mostly right, though out of the season of 12 episodes I think there were a few weak ones, especially towards the end.

Also, just rewatched Expanse to get ready for the new season, and found I appreciated it much more the second time.

Watched OA and not sure how I feel about it. Some of the acting was amazing, but the premise was a little hard to swallow and the ending left me wanting.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Expanse. I think it’s on Netflix, so I’ll have to look it up.


Expanse is on Amazon Prime. Definitely a show worth watching - I made the mistake of only giving it half my attention the first time and that was a mistake. Put the phone down and give Expanse 100% attention - it’s worth it. I have two episodes of season two waiting for me, but I can’t speak to that yet. Season one is self-contained enough that it’s satisfying on its own.


I’ve just watched the fist 2 eps of season 2 and it’s just as good. Taboo, which is on bbc1 on a saturday is the other thing I’m hooked on at the minute. It’s excellent.


Nope. Just checked. Not in North America because Amazon Prime has it locked up. Episode 1 is on YouTube though, for when I’m in the mood to get frustrated.


Anyone else watching The OA? Was just recently recommended to me as ‘like Stranger things but without the 80s nostalgia’. Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.


The Santa Clarita Diet.

Everyone fed up with zombies? I feel I’m adding to the reason why they keep making shows with them in. :smiley:


Up until right this second the highlight of the Super Bowl was the Stranger Things season 2 trailer.


Black Sails is back although I’ve yet to watch it.

The last show, I think, that really grabbed me, like obsessively-bingeing got me, was Orange is the New Black. Other than Westworld but that’s so good it hardly counts.

About to start Crashing:


I want to watch that because T. Olyphant is my mostest favoritest tall drink of water, but the zombie angle makes me go UGH, zombies again? So I’m torn. How is it?


Started watching Outlander, figured Ms Tachin would get bored after a few episodes but she is even more into it than I am. Pretty good.


Overall, I liked the OA. I think it took too long to get to where it needed to go and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the ending but I don’t regret watching it.

I don’t think it’s anything like Stranger Things. Stranger Things is playing on a TV in one of the scenes . Nice shout out.


I finished up the first season of The Expanse last night. I’m thinking about breaking my “No book series” rule and picking up the books so I don’t get tempted to break my “no keeping up with tv while it airs” rule.

It’s really hard to stop watching and the world is fascinating.

Kind of annoying they can’t manage to pass the Bechdel test in most episodes. Still enjoyed it a lot.

I’ll get back to y’all on Westworld whenever I come back to it.


I was a little disappointing they finally committed to some supernatural shit after toying with us for a while. It seems no one thinks they can do a period series without it.

Anyone watch 24? I’m pretty reluctant to to try it.


Aye, it could be left out, as Hardy’s character is scenery-chewing mental enough as is, without the whole shaman angle. His hat is also quite splendid. Tom Hollander is great too, as always.


I watched the first half of an episode of SCD and was thoroughly unimpressed with the writing and acting. I usually give shows three episodes before I make a judgment, but not that one.

@miasm: I forgot about black sails. I wanted to watch it but IIRC it’s only on Hulu or something, and I already pay for way too much TV. Worth it?


Yes, it’s a tough choice between those two for “best supporting actor”.


Let’s see:
I’m trying to keep up with Taboo. So far, I’m really enjoying it.
I’ve started re-watching The West Wing, and I’m sort of shocked how well it holds up.
Just finished The Grand Tour (post-Top Gear guys) on Amazon, and I was somewhat disappointed. I hope they get their legs underneath them for season 2.
I’m awaiting Season 2 of Stranger Things bigly.
I’m a dork, so I also watch The Goldbergs and The Middle, both of which resonate with me to some degree as they’re from a time period I know and I have kids now. So there’s that.


The hat doesn’t eat poop to see if it would make good explosives, so there’s that. And Hollander’s line about Clara Bow last episode…