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I was skeptical when Netflix recommended this to me. Then I saw the A24 production mark. Two episodes in and already having way too much fun with this.


Finally getting around to watching House of the Dragon… The story is solid, and I’m enjoying the performances by the stellar cast… so much more incest happening here (yikes). It’s interesting to see the references to places from the other show, but it’s pretty much confined so far to King’s Landing, Dragonstone, and Driftmark (House Valryon’s seat).

Just watched the next to the episode where Aegon is crowned king, despite Rhaenyra being Viserys heir - Alicent heard what she wanted to hear in Viserys’ final ramblings, and the rest of the council was going to usurp Rhaenyra’s claim regardless. I have to say that the scene with Rhaenys bursting into the sept on dragonback… smooshing the common folk as she went :roll_eyes: was a pretty bad ass scene - despite the people smooshing…

One thing I’m not sure I’m a fan of is how little the common people are given any kind of consideration or voice. This is very much a show about power from the top down, and the struggles from there, and even though the focus is on women, and they even have a scene with Mysaria tells Otto Hightower how elite power derives from the people, but they still sort of gloss over that fact a little too much for me. I do appreciate the focus on women, on childbirth, and their claims to power, either publicly, like Rhaenyra or privately, like Alicent

Also… lots more Dragons!

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Catching up on Amazon shows :+1:t4::

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… the song from that shoe commercial

I just watched the most recent episode of Succession. Somebody better hurry up and give all of those actors and actresses all of the Emmies.

I agree. that was stellar work from every single cast member. Really stands out. Kind of like how (in a different way) the 3rd episode of “The Last of Us” knocked everyone’s socks off.

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I am so ready for the last season of Barry


I wonder if this will set a record for the most cameos in a streaming TV show:

Looks like good silly fun.



Some day I want to see a dueling piano scene between Dr. Teeth and Rowlf the Dog.


I got an error page? Was it about the show starting filming this week? Or the newly announced Dunk and Egg series?

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Yes. My big greasy fingers messed the link as usual.


I watched and enjoyed the first few minutes of episode 1 last night, before I realized I had something to do and turned it off.

It didn’t sound like something I’d be interested in, but I’ve watched three episodes and it’s more nuanced than I expected. Will watch more.


I can only watch one at a time, because after each one I’m like this…

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Episode 7 tonight!!


It is pretty intense. And fun! Kinda high percentage of very annoying characters for my tastes, though, so my jury is still out.


So, now that the first season is over I guess I have an opinion on “Hello Tomorrow!” on Apple TV.

It’s good. I liked it. I still feel like in the first season the retro futuristic setting is just theming, without a lot of connection to what is going on in the show, but it’s such lovely theming. It looks like the setting will become more than that in the second season though, and I am really looking forward to that.

The performances are all great! I especially loved Hank Azaria and Haneefah Wood. Dewshane Williams and Susan Heyward are also great, even though the roles they are given are a little more…eh. Also, I am not sure that I have ever seen Billy Crudup in anything other than Jesus Son and his CGI self (and dongle) in Watchmen which were both meh, but he is really good in this and I always enjoyed watching him. Alison Pill and Matthew Maher are fun to watch too. She is playing a type of character I have not seen from her before, very well, while he nails his bureaucrat sad sack. There are no bad performances, just varying levels of good and great.

Overall, I would say it’s a recommend if you are into watching a sad dad story set in a retro future that I think is going even more interesting places in season 2. I would not call it a comedy, though it has comedic elements. The story pretty character based and grounded, despite the setting

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India is really stepping up its game with the dramas these days, and Amazon and Netflix are helping them to do it. This is from the same team who made the stellar The Family Man.

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