Haven't Seen It

Things you secretly haven’t seen that people of your generation all have.


Things weirdos havent seen that you really need to convince them to in order for them to be well-rounded Happy Mutants.

I haven’t seen:

The Goonies
Mad Max or its sequel.
Stand By Me

Haven’t read:

Dune (Own it. Tried. Failed.)
Atlas Shrugged (Tried. Shrugged. Stopped.)
Infinite Jest
Lovecraft (though the whole Cthulu thing intrigues me.)


The former:

The Force Awakens, or any SW installment after it.


I still haven’t seen Titanic.

Last week’s Jezebel feature had me wishing they had spoiler tags.


I’ve long had the ending of Crying Game spoiled despite never having seen it. Also, with the original Star Wars trilogy, I knew long before seeing it that Darth Vader is Luke’s father .


I haven’t seen The Goonies or Stand By Me.

Dune is really good and I thought worth it once you get through the first slow bits of it.

I asked a friend about Atlas Shrugged and he said don’t waste your time to me.
Lovecraft is fun if you like horror stories even with the cultural baggage of the era. He I think is better than Poe who I love as well but the how many ways can you suffocate gets a bit silly after awhile.


Most pop culture artefacts are things I have not seen, heard, or read.

I suppose the only real surprises here are when it is some sci-fi or fantasy thing which is really pervasive. The 1990s generally were times when I watched no current television or movies. I am usually not interested enough to see most “blockbuster” movies.

As I recently mentioned in another topic, I have never seen an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seems like a huge adventure, but it starts slow so I have always fallen asleep trying to watch the first episodes. I never finished any and can’t remember a thing about them.

Considering that I am something of a fan of both Peter Dinklage and Lena Heady, it is probably crazy that I have never watched Game of Thrones. But by the time I heard about how good it supposedly is, there were already several seasons to catch up with.

Even though I have been a lifelong artist (after a fashion) and communist (after a fashion), I have hardly read any of the theoretical or critical work which underlies much of those schools and movements. Preferring instead what would probably be considered naive original syntheses of them. Despite an interest in postmodern critical theory, and very much wanting to, I have yet to read any Jean Baudrillard.


OMG! Stand By Me has one of the best movie lines ever, delivered by BB pal Wil Wheaton:

“No, Ace. Just you.”

And by best, I just mean it’s a personal favorite. Maybe it’s just me.


I should add that to my list: basically any movie that made Tom Cruise famous as a young actor:

Risky Business
Top Gun
That other one I’m probably forgetting

Oh, and I never watched The Graduate.


Almost on topic, but I’ve finally got around to watching “Firefly”.

Never seen The Goonies.
Or any of those “classic” Disney animated films.
Or Akira.


Unless my friend who tries to get me to watch things I missed brings it up, I don’t really know which things I was supposed to see so I’m borrowing y’all’s lists. :sweat:

I’ve only seen Fury Road.[quote=“ActionAbe, post:1, topic:83801”]
Atlas Shrugged
Permanent skip. I read The Fountainhead (I think?). It was tolerable for Rand but I don’t feel the need to read any more.

Not on my list of things to read. Sorry, Wallace fans.

I find the racism in his prose really hard to deal with (yep, in the prose).

Haven’t seen it. :laughing: I’ve heard of it but I don’t know what it’s about.

I’ve heard of two of those. :laughing:


I more or less managed to avoid Joss Whedon’s entire career. I may have seen two or three complete episodes of Buffy when it was new. I remember that there was a Buffy and I think there were vampires, but I don’t remember anything about them. I watched 15-20 minutes of the first episode of Firefly because I was lead to believe that it was something I would like. It annoyed me.

Once I read the first half of The Colour of Magic on a train ride. The consensus seems to be that I have only myself to blame for starting with that book. Nonetheless, when I arrived at my destination, that was it for Terry Pratchett and me.


Those first few books are rough. You can’t read The Colour of Magic by itself though. I don’t recall it’s partner in crime off the top of my head (The Light Fantastic? The internet says “Yes.” Thank you, internet.).

Spurning all conventional wisdom entirely, if you’re going to read Pratchett, I suggest starting with Lords and Ladies or Night Watch or maybe The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents.


Risky Business is the only one of the three I would say is worth seeing.

Definitely see The Graduate.


I just recently watched my first episode. Peeps I was with said it was the first one of the whole thing. Never want to see any more of it. Too violent for my tastes, and too much gratuitous Male Gaze, including ridiculous sex scenes. The whole thing left me vaguely nauseous.


Me too. (Hollywood, at least) Films I’m generally pretty good on, if a little late on most. Books, too. Trying to catch up on things I should have read.

Most glaring omissions? TV stuff.

Have never seen any of The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, West Wing, 6 Feet Under, Nip/Tuck, virtually none of Lost or 24… (i.e. you name it, I haven’t seen it). Oh, and almost none of the new Doctor Who.

Pratchett I was desperately late on. Have read them all now, but bounced right off The Colour of Magic 20 years ago, didn’t read any of the others until maybe 5 years ago.


I haven’t seen a single episode of GoT. Everything I know about it comes, primarily, from skits on Robot Chicken:


Watched all the wire watched breaking bad first season of the sopranos none of the rest.
Also never watched rambo rocky or the second or third godfather (wasn’t that impressed with the first but thats a subject for another thread).


I am with you on the TV though I do keep up with Doctor Who by other methods.


Oh yeah.

Never read any Harry Potter or seen any of the films. I think I was at completely the wrong age when it came out (18/19?). Old enough to dismiss it as kids stuff, not old enough to decide to read it anyway. I did read Pullman’s His Dark Materials books, though.


When it comes to reading those if you want to the copies you can get up in Canada are not localized for yanks.