What's a neutrino?


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A tiny chargeless lepton. Next question.


Neutrinos are subatomic particles produced by the decay of radioactive elements and are elementary particles that lack an electric charge, or, as F. Reines would say, “…the most tiny quantity of reality ever imagined by a human being”.


Wolfgang paulis book keepers.


I liked neutrinos better when we thought they didn’t have mass. The image of a little spinning ball of nothing was very attractive to me.


There’s still photons.


A: Faster-than-light neutrino!

B: Faster who?

A: Faster.

B: Who’s there?

A: Knock knock.


Or… neutrinos do travel faster than light (photons) because photons don’t always travel as fast as… light.

Nailed it.


Who publishes shit headlines like that? There aren’t any “rumors” in physics, and I’m not aware of anyone --except that short-lived dustup in Eastern Europe when they got the connection timing wrong – thinking neutrinos were tachyons.


You mean you didn’t hear about what that sick bastard Schrödinger may or may not have done to his cat?


Nevermind the cat, did you hear about him and the twins? That’s top tier scandal.


I always thought they were Ingrid Lucia’s band…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfPQ2bTa41E



the updated replacement for the Alt Trino.


I wouldn’t visit that Icecube science lab in Antarctica if you paid me!

One day that sensor array is going to disturb an alien life form that has been dormant beneath the ice for thousands of years, and then it will pick off the crew… one by one…

Seriously. Look at that place.


It sucks to be you, photon.

So many bon mots in this one. :relaxed:

The first half, before she starts describing the detector, sounds like my inner monologue from many, many years ago when I first discovered how insubstantial and ubiquitous neutrinos really are.


OK, hang on. Neutrinos don’t go backwards in time, they go faster than light. Jokes about them usually displace forward actions observable via photonic, electronic or electrochemical activities such as seeing one enter a bar, or a phone ringing, or the thought process.

So that:

A: Faster than light neutrino!
B: Huh?
A: Knock, knock.
B: Who’s th… oh.

Anyhoo, jokes about faster than light things never get old.


I will have to watch later - but YES. They are awesome. It is amazing right now a stream of them are not just passing through your body, but the whole freaking planet!!!

I imagine it like the sun is trying to lick us with it’s neutrinos.

Everything seems so solid, but it really is just empty space.



Or one of Janet Reno’s Danish relatives, Knut.