What's climate change ruining now?


It would probably help if they stopped hosting the Winter Olympics in the warmest areas of the host countries.

Sochi: “one of the very few places in Russia with a subtropical climate”
Vancouver: “one of Canada’s warmest cities.”

If I recall the 2010 Vancouver games correctly, all the events that require snow were taking place a couple hours away in Whistler, BC anyway. I think Sochi is similar.


I think there’s a typo in the headline. “Ruining” should be changed to “Improving.”

Not just a couple of hours away, but a couple thousand feet higher up in the mountains. Vancouver is right on the coast, at sea level. Whistler most definitely is not - they have some skiing all year round (on the glacier).

I remember when they announced that the 2010 Winter Olympics would be in Vancouver and thinking “Won’t the above freezing temperatures and rain make that difficult?”

At least 2018’s city has a promising description on Wikipedia. Pyeongchang, South Korea: “warm, humid summers and long, cold winters”


I realize there’s far too much competition among cities for this to ever happen but it would be pretty amazing if one place hosted the winter and summer Olympics.

I’ve been in some swimming pools that are big enough to be turned into ice skating rinks.

They should have hosted it in Oymyakon. I mean average winter temps are only -58F… Of course then you couldn’t have interviews outside, or casual spectators, but you’d have snow.

Well, Whistler is only about 80 miles from Vancouver. It’s not THAT far. Vancouver is just an odd city in that it is a relatively warm (in winter) city in close proximity to some really big mountains. Calgary, for example, which is a decidedly UNWARM city in the winter, had a venue (Nakiska) that’s roughly 60 miles from the city. Turin had a similar-distanced venue (Bardonecchia). I’m too lazy to go look for more examples, but I don’t think it’s too uncommon for winter Olympics host cities to require a bit of a drive to get to the actual mountains (as I’m not sure how many cities there are with excellent ski facilities that are also big enough to support the infrastructure required for the Olympics otherwise).

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I’m all for obliterating the Olympics, so hooray for climate change!

At least in its modern format. I like the idea of an international competition between athletes, but this thing we have now is a disease.


Nooooo squaw valley.

It will be much more interesting when they are held off-world e.g. Titan. I wonder what low-G skiing on methane snow is like?
I suppose that screening for replicants might be a problem, but I’m sure that they will have adequate tests for that.

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Arguably, anything that reduces the range of the IOC in the wild is probably a good thing, at least in that specific context.

If we are lucky, the surviving IOC members will be confined to a small number of captive storage programs within our lifetime!


Just look at it as 9 new places to host the summer olympics.


Tell me about your mother.

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Try but we nearly didn’t have enough anyway and if it had been this year it would have been a colossal disaster.

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Sochi is on the Black Sea, at about the same latitude as Barcelona. It was a brain damaged place to hold the Winter Olympics. I guess St. Petersburg was out of town that week?

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we will permanently place them in antarctica and then on Mars for good measure.
Eat that climate change.

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