What's cooler than being cool? Hundreds of musicians protesting ICE and Amazon

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Welp, now that’s stuck in my head…

But seriously, this sounds amazing! What a great initiative. Over 1000+ now. Lots of names I know and those that I don’t (cause I’m out of touch with the kids).

These cats are awesome!

All very true!

Indeed. The history of popular music in the age of its mass reproduction has been a constant struggle between corporate centralization and independent backlash that eventually (in the punk/hip hop age) empowered artists. This has been doubly true when it comes to political issues outside of the production and distribution of music. It’s good to see so many artists willing to embrace a good cause like this, rather than pretend that their work is not shaped by the socio-political world that they function within.


Well, punk was very ephemeral. It only existed for a very, very short time. But while it was here, it created some monster shock waves. And it was glorious fun, at least here in Austin.

Just do what I do; think of the GoT parody, instead.

Now all joking aside, this is a very good thing the musicians are doing; kudos to them.


“The list of signatories includes Guy Picciotto of Fugazi”

Yay, an opportunity to play this:

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Maybe don’t tell that to all the punk bands that still exist, a they might disappear in a puff of logic? :rofl:

Will boing boing stop with all the Amazon links?

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If you live a life that is punk/squats/off-grid etc. tis easy to boycott Amazon. Really easy.

The rest of us struggle, even though we know about the horrible stuff they do, and try to avoid them…not always possible.

More eBay art sellers with shipping that doesn’t take weeks, plz!

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