What's new in tabletop gaming for August, 2023

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Seeing “The Game Master’s Book of Astonishing Random Tables” reminded me that there’s a Humble Bundle going on for tabletop RPG resources. It currently has 19 days to go.


I got my Kickstarted copy of the Old Gods of Appalachia tabletop RPG in the mail last week. It looks fantastic, and I will almost certainly love reading it and never actually play it. Which is fine


I was ready to be mad about this Blade Runner game, since Cyberpunk is the One True Cyberpunk RPG. But…

…that sounds really cool. I like that they have a fresh angle on gameplay, and it’s not just another cyberpunk setting for players to run around in with mechanical arms, spiky hair, and microwave guns.


So either there are no new board games this month, or this article should be titled, “What’s new in tabletop RPGs” since that’s all that’s in here.

I am only rarely a Kickstarter guy, but the Dolmenwood TTRPG piqued my interest. It’s a dark fairytale RPG that lists as it’s influences:

:arrow_forward: The Charwoman’s Shadow—
Lord Dunsany
:arrow_forward: The Fellowship of the Ring (Book 1)—J.R.R Tolkien
:arrow_forward: Goblin Market—Christina Rossetti
:arrow_forward: Gormenghast—Mervyn Peake
:arrow_forward: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell—Susanna Clarke
:arrow_forward: The King of Elfland’s Daughter—Lord Dunsany
:arrow_forward: Krabat—Ottfried Preußler
:arrow_forward: The Ladies of Grace Adieu—Susanna Clarke
:arrow_forward: Lud-in-the-Mist—Hope Mirrlees
:arrow_forward: Lyonesse trilogy—Jack Vance
:arrow_forward: Mio My Son—Astrid Lindgren
:arrow_forward: On Fairy-Stories—J.R.R Tolkien
:arrow_forward: Smith of Wootton Major—J.R.R. Tolkien
:arrow_forward: Stardust—Neil Gaiman
:arrow_forward: The White People—Arthur Machen
:arrow_forward: The Green Knight—David Lowery
:arrow_forward: Labyrinth—Jim Henson
:arrow_forward: Legend—Ridley Scott
:arrow_forward: Princess Mononoke—Hayao Miyazaki
:arrow_forward: Spirited Away—Hayao Miyazaki
:arrow_forward: The Wicker Man—Robin Hardy
Television Series
:arrow_forward: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell—BBC series
:arrow_forward: Over the Garden Wall—Patrick McHale
:arrow_forward: Twin Peaks—Mark Frost and David Lynch


Yeah, I’ve been eyeing that, too.

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Why be like that? Gareth wrote a nice article that the rest of us enjoyed.

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My response could have been better worded; the article was fine, it was the title that rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve had too many people in the tabletop RPG world look down on board gamers, I get salty when “tabletop games” is assumed to only be RPGs. Sorry.

Thank you.

And it’s not all RPGs. There’s a miniature skirmish game, a solo mini game, and a newsletter that covers all types of gaming.

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