What's one square inch of Yukon land worth?

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I just hope that’s not the Angry Inch.


Q: “What’s one square inch of Yukon land worth?”
A: It ain’t worth dick!

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Today in oneupmanship:

I bought a Manfred Mann album back in the 70’s that entitles me to one square foot of land in Cornwall.

Probably a defunct tin mine but still.

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Just by drinking a bottle of Laphroaig I get a sq ft of Islay Plus I get terrific Scotch. So I think the Scots are better at marketing small plots of land.


Bit of a crapshoot from the 50’s on but when that cereal certificate was issued you could go up to Whitehorse and be a squatter. Many were paid handsomely and got large tracts of land in exchange for agreeing to GTFO.

Course the land was all stolen already anyway as was the land some of the squatters were awarded

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Heh. I have one of those. As I recall, though, it’s non-transferrable (so you can’t ever accumulate more than 1sq ft, nor hand it down to your kids), and couldn’t be sold, and reverts to the distillery when you die.

On the other hand, it DOES entitle me to a free glass of Laphroaig every time I’m in Islay. So far this has netted me the grand total of 0 glasses of whisky.


Well hello neighbors!


Get yours here:

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This is the dong that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.

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We have a square foot of Hawaii II- The private island parceled out by Cards Against Humanity.

At first, we thought it was kind of cute, but then realized that all deed holders get usage rights for the whole island for camping and whatnot- And we’re only a couple hours away.

Still haven’t made it there yet, though…

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