Cards Against Humanity buys a private island ("Hawaii 2") & gives it away




Maybe people can put their Bullshit there.


Would such a small piece of property come with a tax burden?


nah, Hawaii 2 LLC owns the island, the CAH subscribers only have a license to use a square foot of it. It’s about as much of a tax burden as your license to Creative Cloud.


The letter says CAH is handling the taxes.

And I’m kind of sad I didn’t get in on this. I want a piece of foggy woodland. I’m gonna go sit in the little patch down the end of my street now.


So what, I have a lease on one square foot of peat bog.
Friends of Laphroaig


Back when I was in college, a guy showed up at the plaza in a silver space suit, selling land on the moon. Give him a piece of green paper with a dead politician on it, and he’d give you a bigger fancier green piece of paper with a deed to an acre of land on the moon, and no bullshit was involved.

He did make it clear that he was selling the same acre to everybody, and gave a good spiel about the various different places he’d been arrested for selling the moon, with 24 8x10 color glossies with circles and arrows and newspaper cutouts.


I got one too, but I had signed up for the ‘12 days or whatever of Kawanzaa’

So instead of an islandsliver and a box of poop, I got an islandsliver, a bunch of fun cards, some inappropriate stickers, some comics, a few ‘Miracle berry’ pills, and I’m sure a couple of things I forgot.

I love those guys!


Not only did I get CAH branded poop, but now I’m a land user too!
shame the cards say I die next year, I’ll miss out on the lizard war…


Plus if the conservatives get their way and set the clock of progress back, as a land owner you could still vote. Assuming you’re white and male.


If they’d actually deeded individual square feet, I was considering the real value these could have on a secondary market where people bought them up in order to accumulate significant swaths of land…


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