What's stuck in this brick wall?


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in plain site thinking there’s a psycho reason that those colors pleasure yourself


Mister President!!


You mean, El Presidenté?


I don’t get it. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, guys.


o_0 pretty clear it was a cigar the whole time to me…




Man, I spent five minutes – couldn’t see it. Trippy.


I see a grey pigeon stuck behind the wall poking his head out from behind a brick.


I thought they had finally found Jimmy Hoffa.


Thought that it was going to be about the kitteh that was rescued a few days ago…
Firefighters Rescue Cat Trapped Between Walls in Temple City | NBC Southern California


It’s a brick. But which one???


So it actually is a cigar? That’s what I saw immediately but thought there must have been more to it… How lame the internet is becoming.


Heh. I’m glad I didn’t try too hard before getting the spoiler, I wouldn’t have caught it. It’s surprising how much cognition is wrapped up in vision.


Kept waiting for an enormous bee to come and pull it out…


I searched the rest of the photo for clues that there was more than a cigar wedged in there, thinking that was the red herring. Chalk one more up to “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”


I didn’t see anything weird, scrolled down to read the caption again, scrolled up and said “Holy shit!”. It actually startled me I think.


It’s clearly a blue and black dress, people.


What’s in this image? Can you figure it out?!

(Answer: it’s a rock!)


You sure it’s not Iran?