What's the difference between a CEO and a president?

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I know rationale well intended people who voted for Trump. I also know right wing honks who voted for him simply because he was the Republican candidate…if he had been the Democrat and Clinton the Republican nominee they’d have demonized him and lauded her.

Anywho…those well meaning rationale Trump voters? Yeah. Each one of them have said a variation on the same theme: “I voted for him because he will wreck this entire thing. Then we can rebuild it.” Its a mentality of renovation=drop the building with TNT and demolish the foundation and build a completely new one from the ground up.

While I think this approach can work for a Vegas Casino, it’s not a wise choice when it comes to government.


Also. a CEO can close down the underperforming USA branch and merge it with the Russian branch…

…oh wait…


What’s the difference between a CEO and a president?

Apparently not much these days.


Ones is fat, lumpy and full of carbs. The other is a potato.


The main difference for me is accountability. American CEOs are accountable to the board (which can be easily captured) and to shareholders (who are focused on the appreciation of and income from their stock to the exclusion of almost everything else, and who may not be American citizens). The POTUS is supposed to be accountable to all American citizens.


One gets to grift a company, the other gets to grift the world.


Maybe that was part of the point in November —a retributive electoral choice by globalization’s left-behinds against affluent urbanity.

Except when as it turns out the Agent of Change is actually an Agent of super affluent corporatism.

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The president makes $400k a year. A CEO wouldn’t stop if they accidentally dropped that on the ground.

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Trump has never been a successful CEO. The 4 casino corporations he was CEO of all went bankrupt. His enterprises are family owned businesses and he’s the owner, not the CEO reporting to a board of directors.


Correction: the President can collect a salary of $400k a year.

The current President is making millions of dollars a year just from the money he’s charging the Secret Service to rent out a floor on Trump Tower. And that’s just one of countless ethically dubious ways he’s been able to use his current position to enrich himself.


evidence shows it does not work for Atlantic City Casinos.

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Probably not what you are looking for, but - a CEO executes, and a president presides. It’s right there in the name, you big silly.


The only wise Vegas casino choice I can think of is avoidance.

Which would have been a solid approach to Trump presidencies too…


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