CEOs quit Trump: The 1% can't win elections unless the 99% turkeys vote for Christmas


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Add Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing.


I have another question about why the other 20 or 30 are staying on his bogus advisory panel?




Too bad the left also just keeps doing that to itself.


Peak capitalism?

Sure feels like it to me.


The Bohemian Grove two-week event was in July, so it can’t be that.



Weird how he only had something to say about one of them, albeit the first one to quit…


The more “business-friendly” policies are enacted, the more likely the median Republican voter is to lose their health care, get their jobs offshored, send their children to a sub-par school, be injured on the job, get sick from industrial pollution, and be boiled in their own pudding as climate changes.

So just to be clear: the “business-friendly” policies of the Democrats avoids all that bad stuff?


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Googler pens anti-diversity screed
Googler pens anti-diversity screed

That one genuinely surprised me. I was looking at the list and thinking he was the least vulnerable to pressure given the extremely conservative nature of most professional associations.


About all i can say is 'rats leaving a sinking ship. They’ve seen how unstable and tantrum prone Trump is and so want to distance themselves as much as possible without active alienation for when/if other more friendly figures pop up. The problem is by everything I’ve seen Trump will see a simple withdrawal like this as a personal insult that must be met with maximum force as opposed to a deep thoughtful measured response after a careful examination of the situation.


But he’s not racist. It’s just our librul imaginations… /s


I don’t know their particular reasons, but maybe they still believe there is even a small chance Trump is actually capable of being advised? Advising the president is not a partisan activity, and if anything if you believe such a thing is possible then trying to be on an advisory council becomes even more important the more strongly you disagree with Trump’s current views.


Inspired writing, but I’m not sure you closed the links in the chain tightly enough, when you seek to connect the CEOs pulling out with the Right self-destructing. Another pass at editing please.


He wasn’t even the first to quit - only the first to quit over this particular issue. And it really shows Trump’s true nature - not just racist, but his complete inability to be strategic or self-censoring when it’s in his best interest. Even when being accused of being too amiable with racists, he can’t help but attack the black guy. (Although an even worse possibility is this was Trump being strategic, and attacking the black guy was a message to his racist base that he’s still with them. But Trump being Trump, it’s far more likely to be unrestrained racism rather than calculated racism.)


That’s what I meant; I should have clarified.

Very true.


Perhaps he (correctly) perceives that his critics are unlikely to ‘come around’ so he’s strategically best off courting the racists and using just enough flak and smokescreen to keep the liberals from rallying around a coherent critique?


A chicken in every pothole.