What's the hardest wood of them all?


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Morning wood?



You beat me to it.



Steady on…


I made up a wood in my fantasy campaign called Mythril Wood. It’s a wood that is basically a metal. It has a very spongy network work and acts like a skeleton where the rest of the typical wood stuff (cellulose, etc) resides. So I told them to imagine something like titanium in function. Light but resilient . Or like Mythril in a fantasy sense, even though technically it isn’t the same metal.

They look like normal trees as the metallic part is covered in the “live” part of the plant (much like how the core wood of a tree is for structures, and the bit on the outside is what moves water and nutrients around.) But when the tree dies, that part will rot off and expose the core Mythril wood. From there it is shaped through grinding and cutting, leading to very organic looking armor and weapons, typically (But not always.), and usually has a wood pattern as part of the look. The dwarves and elves are the only two with the knowledge and expertise to do this well.




What’s the Janka of petrified wood?

Is there a list of 10 most stackable woods, based on the Jenga test?


I heard somewhere along the way as a kid that telephone poles were made of that #1 hardest wood.

After a bit of googling I have found that I was woefully misled.

Thanks for ending even more childhood delusions, BoingBoing!


Jesus Wood.





What wood Jesus do?


Ed Wood Jesus do?


Thread over in comment 1. Damned fine work!


Sporting wood?


So, Unobtainium is actually… wood?



Duh! Elijah Wood.


45’s head.