Henry Miller Memorial Library's fallen redwood auction


Where do I order my coffee table?

But I actually want the table to be a round cross section.

Those are amazing. Surely they’re worth millions. The Koch brothers will probably buy them and burn 'em as fire wood.

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The figuring in that wood is unreal. It’s as stunning as the best examples of figured maple or koa I have seen.

Good gods, I would love to get some of that. Starting bid of $3k each piece, though- I really wish they’d carve at least 1 of the slabs into smaller pieces.

At the price they’re starting at, it comes to less than $20/board foot- 1/4 the cost of ebony. If they had smaller chunks in the $50-$500 range, I’d happily plunk down the cash for 2-3 board feet that I could get a whole lot of gorgeous pen blanks and knife scales from…

Looks like there are some reasonably priced chunks of redwood on eBay. They could have a patchy history though.

Those long wide planks are almost useless as a real furniture piece. They’re going to split in a few years unless you stabilize it

That finished slab was beautifully cut. Close enough to the quarter to get all those rays into the sapwood on both sides, but far enough off to keep the pith from running straight down the center.

Old growth is just simply the most beautiful wood, regardless of species. The problem is that a lot of it’s protected, and hard to be sure it was come by ethically.

Also, it’s always so much better knowing the story behind something!

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If you mean a horizontal cross section of the trunk, to show the rings, there’s very good reasons you rarely see wood items made that way.

In the case of a tree on its side, A horizontal cut would be made vertically. I realize it’s a higher risk cut in terms of waste, but if I was a west coast millionaire i Would love to have a wood floor that is largely one huge slab of tree that you can count 2-300 rings on.

I also have to say that the videos of staff really didn’t include the reverence one might hope for when an ancient life form dies and slowly falls right in front of you. It strikes me as a frightening but poetic thing to witness.

Off topic, but when did the ‘of’ get deleted from the phrase ‘couple of’? I feel it was about the same time people started answering questions with “So”.

The wood was beautiful, and well presented. The auction was fun! There were a few far flung bidder’s proxies gesticulating into their phones as they tried to keep pace with the auctioneer, Magnus.

The shine in the photos is from a mix of Murphy’s Oil Soap and water, brushed in to highlight the grain.

Also the most gorgeous day - actually warm on that coast.

I picked up on that too. The very end of the video, the staffer said… what was that? That the fallen tree is the bane of his existence? (head slowly shaking) That was an unfortunate ending for the clip.

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