Wheels of Aurelia, a girls' road trip, may be my favorite game of 2015 so far


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Great game, lots of depth.

But it’s way too slow to re-play and see the other conversation paths — I am used to, like, Emily Short’s Galatea as a kind of interactive fiction which tells a lot over many playings and can be explored at your own pace.

After three playthroughs I ended up digging into the game and just reading the whole script (enEN_WheelsOfAurelia.json) end to end. Pretty good stuff!


Anything that gets a Lancia out there in public notice is jake with me.


The woman smoking by the fuel pump bothers me.
While I know a cigarette cherry could never ignite the fuel she had to light the cigarette with something, maybe she used the in-car electrical lighter?
Damnit I know this is just a game.


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