When Donald Trump speaks at the NRA tomorrow, lo and behold, guns will suddenly be banned

Why the fuck is Trump speaking at an NRA event? He actually reduced gun rights more than Obama by enacting the bump stock ban via executive order. He doesn’t give two shits about it - it’s just a grift.

They are a complete dumpster fire now.


I assume that guns have just joined taxes as axiomatically linked to parties: everyone knows that it’s “tax and spend democrats” and the “party of fiscal responsibility” so there’s no need to concern yourself with a bunch of boring empirical measures; and everyone knows that liberals are a bunch of gun-grabbing nanny state snowflakes; so anyone who identifies as an enemy of the liberals is thus axiomatically a friend of guns.


You’re right and it is extremely frustrating that this issue has become largely a virtue signal and party identifier to wave around.


Well, he is a Republican. A party that seems to be built on fear and dishonesty.

They all seem to be afraid of:

Gun control
Black people
Higher taxes on the wealthy
Brown people
Higher taxes on corporations
Immigrants that aren’t fashion models
Covid vaccines
Immigrants coming to steal your jobs
(but not immigrants they can pay low wages to)
The truth of American history and slavery
Universal health Care
LGBTQ people
Equal rights (and the ERA!)
Budget deficits Not caused by a war
Clean air
Clean water


Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; and hate leads to suffering.


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They have compared themselves favorably to the Death Star in the past…


By active design. The Republicans have made the protection of the right to own firearms, no matter no dangerous and how recklessly, part of their own brand. They’ve also branded the other duopoly party, which tries to enact sensible legislation that could prevent horrors like this, as people who want to eliminate guns rather than control them. A lot of fools buy into that, and ammosexuals who are not Republicans tend to stay home on election day because “both parties are equally bad.”



They’re clearly saying it’s the Secret Service not the NRA that’s prohibiting guns. They didn’t say, but I think it’s clearly implied that if it was up to the NRA they wouldn’t do this. Doesn’t matter if that’s true or not, they want to imply it.

It’s all deflection.


Well, I assume the NRA will be boycotting his visit then.


Like everything else, they want it both ways.

They want you to think it’s not them, they would do it differently, that they’re just the victim here. While at the same time not actually taking any stand against those things.

They could of not had any speakers with Secret Service protection.
They could of had those speakers remote on a large video screen.
They could have had those speakers remote on a large video screen in the main room and a smaller restricted room at a different location.

They don’t want to stand up for their talking points. They want to play the victim.


The secret service, even though it’s the former president, has no jurisdiction in Texas that allows them to do this ban. If the President wanted guns around him, they’d allow it. Reagan was regularly armed post presidency and so were many of his friends and nobody in the secret service batted an eye over it.

This is because Donald Trump and others know the truth. Guns ARE the problem. He’s going to be speaking in a room full of “good guys with guns” , probably the most “on his side” crowd of people he’s going to see… and yet he and the secret service still aren’t going to let it happen.


Because he’s still trying to project power. Hell, people in that audience think that he’s POTUS.


Taxpayers having to stump up for a Traitor’s Secret Service Detail. :roll_eyes:

@Akimbo_NOT I owe you a coke.


I would sadly point out this is just SOP for the Secret Service, but I’m also WELL familiar with the NRA banning guns on its convention floors in the past, so this is nothing new. The hypocrisy of conservatives always runs deep.


While continuing to reap massive profits perpetually.


Concerned citizens should hold an open carry protest outside. Maybe get a convoy going.


This would be shouting fire in a crowded theater, and would rightfully result in whoever did it being brought up on charges. And now that you mentioned doing it in an open internet forum, if it does happen, I’d imagine the police will start here.


It’s almost like the Secret Service knows that a gun ban will objectivilly make people more safe.

But fans of the NRA are fine with selectivity supporting the government sometimes (back the blue etc) and making it a boogyman others. So I don’t see this point making it across to the attendees.