Gun ban at Pence-featured NRA convention has Parkland students baffled. Why more guns at schools, but zero at conventions?


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This is, of course, unsurprising. No doubt there will be much ironic decrying of “liberal gun-free zones” at the event, just like CPAC, which also banned weapons.


A clear statement of priorities if ever I have seen one


these hypocritical assholes.


The brazen hypocrisy goes ignored or rationalized by the sheep.giphy%20(2)


I. Blame. Logic.



I am 100% against arming teachers and oppose the NRA, but I don’t see this as a hypocrisy slam dunk re: arming teachers. No one is suggesting arming students and the Secret Service is the corollary to training and arming faculty.

A more interesting angle is Dana Loesch’s response: “NRA banned nothing. The media does this every year. It’s Secret Service SOP and they supersede all start [sic] and local control.”

So federal control superseding state and local law to limit gun rights is perfectly acceptable to the NRA in some circumstances? So much so that they would embrace such a restriction in their own convention?


Nobody forced them to invite Pence. They could have easily chosen a venue and speaker lineup that didn’t force them to compromise on their stated values.


The Emperor’s new gun:



Exactly. I think that’s the kernel of the hypocrisy here.


Can Pence forgo Secret Service protection since he’ll be in a room with such fine, upstanding, safety-centric citizens?

  1. Some animals are more special.

  2. If you had a school with armed teachers or private security, they too would be disarmed if the Vice President visited.

  3. This isn’t the NRA’s decision. It is standard security for the Washington Elite - who will be surrounded by secret service armed with guns.


While the gun ban is almost certainly because of the Secret Service in this instance, conventions like these happen in convention centers. Convention Centers are giant privately owned spaces that, like shopping malls, can and do set the rules for people to be present on their property. They also sign gigantic contracts with the people who rent their spaces. One of the key players in those contract negotiations is the convention center’s insurance provider. Insurance providers don’t like things that are risky, like lots of weapons or even things that look like weapons. Balancing the No Weapons rule with cosplay is a constant problem for anime and other fan conventions.

Next time you are in a mall look for the signs that list all the things you can’t do or you will be ejected. They can forbid any sort of perfectly legal activity because even though everyone thinks they are public spaces they actually aren’t. Many of those forbidden activities are not because the mall owner cares, but because their insurance carrier cares.


Go Go Gadget Hypocrisy!


Now I’m wondering how long it will take before Trump installs someone of highly questionable competence to lead the Secret Service. (I presume that’s something he could do.)


I feel like insurance companies know something the NRA doesn’t. Or at least, something the NRA doesn’t want to admit.


The Secret Service was in charge of security when Reagan got shot.
So, they got that going for them.


Yes, politicians and profits are more important than poor and middle class children to these people. We’ve established that already.

So you’re saying we need politicians stationed at schools around the country to protect our children from guns?

Then the NRA is hypocritical for supporting politicians that don’t comply with their values. It’s hypocrisy either way.



I was wondering about having the Secret Service cover school security.