When Ed Snowden met Marcus Yallow


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It’s such a good book. I don’t blame him, Cory.

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Ha, yeah, I noticed that when I saw the film. (Which I recommend, by the way.)

I don’t blame him - I used Little Brother as a starting discussion point with my 65 year old parents regarding privacy. They were always technical, but now they understand why it’s ‘a big deal’.

Shameless plug is… earned!


The only thing cooler would be if he just used the jacket cover to hide a stack of classified government documents.


First of all, congratulations! That is indeed something to feel proud of.

Now, I don’t want to derail this thread and if it happens, feel free to delete this comment immediately.

I was wondering what you guys thought on wikileaks’ stance during the gibbergabber debacle. It was… weird to say the least.

I’ll be proud when you guys finally implement SSL on boingboing homepage…enough talk about security…time to start implementing some…not even the BBS is using it…

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I back this.

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