When Poitras met Snowden


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America. Is. A. Laughable. Shithole.

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America is made up of humans and we have a track record. Where it fails is the point where We like to say “You know, WE’RE better. We’re free, kind and more humane than anybody else on this planet.” When you’re promised from the top that’s what they strive for and do bullshitty things, it really, really hurts…


Don’t paint the whole country with such a broad brush. Not all of us agree with our leadership, many of those who do are being fed such a bill of goods that they wouldn’t know to question anything. Those who don’t agree can only do so much.

America’s leadership is a bunch of hypocritical asshole lizards. Note that most Americans aren’t lizards, we just vote for lizards because if we don’t, the wrong lizard might get in.

Nah, it’s just scared. It takes courage to be able to surrender power and control, to speak up when the price might be high. But the shareholders of the NYT don’t like risky moves because it might risk them money and the narcissists that seek public office and paramilitary membership don’t countenance the idea that they can’t directly save lives through their own actions. There are terrified people in power, and that’s always a powderkeg scenario.

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I don’t hate my country, but I agree wholeheartedly with teahole here.

Look, go to Europe, go to Asia, go to Canada and Mexico, even, and come back to the USA and tell me which place is “better.” I mean, come on. The only things that’re significantly different about the USA are our ability to use credit to buy opulent amounts of shit, and our incessant streams of media programming us and feeding our denial of reality 24/7, promoting an out-of-touchness with nature and our own bodies. These other places have consumption and media brainwashing and health problems, just not at the intense level that we do.

Otherwise, the USA isn’t that different. There’s poverty, there’s crumbling infrastructure, there’s corrupt assholes running the place, with a few good and high-minded folks there right behind them cleaning up the messes, slowly, diligently, fearlessly. That’s the same as it ever was, the same as everywhere because


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Depends on what measures of progress you’re going by. For example, it’s now relatively rare for our elected representatives to publicly and unapologetically direct horrific racial slurs at fellow politicians. Even the craziest right-wing politicians we have probably couldn’t get away with saying a black representative “looks like an orangutan” or that she “should be raped.”

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I see your point, but you also made mine too… I don’t know what’s worse… Racism 1.0 or Racism 2.0?

Both are pretty awful, but it’s hard to argue that disenfranchisment through underhanded means like gerrymandering is worse than bona-fide card-carrying fascism. Not “fascism” in the Godwin sense, but elected representatives who publicly identify as Mussolini-supporting fascists.

Both are as ugly as ugly gets. One has a pretty mask, but both are the same monster, don’t be fooled!


Why would you say a black person looks like an orangutan? Orangutans are for comparing to gingers.

/me ducks and covers

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I like you guys… You make good internets and are the birthplace of a LOT of fantastic ideas, technology, art and music. Note I didn’t say ‘Americans’ because, despite my long history of America/UK/Australia/NZ/Canada/Israel/China/Libya/Syria-directed vitriol, I am entirely aware that countries are not people and that awesome people live everywhere.

I’m just appalled when tools and methods such as those detailed in the NYT piece are used against journalists who have committed no crime and that in a country which bills itself, as Vallindsay2 pointed out above, as “better than that” there is nothing an innocent person can do to stop continued unwarranted and unlawful treatment by the various government agency goons. THAT IS THE MARK OF A LAUGHABLE SHITHOLE. As equally corrupt and idiotic as our government here in Australia might be, I’ve never heard of a journo here being treated like that. Completely shameful.

*More military spending than every other country combined.

*Largest arms manufacturer and exporter by a massive margin.

*Domestic and International spying program of a scale larger than anyone thought possible, which is likely magnitudes larger than efforts by China (a nation which is constantly on the receiving end of US accusations of cyber warfare/espionage).

There’s three pretty significant reasons why the USA is that different. As the world leader the US has the power to fuck up a lot of shit and to also set the standard by which other countries decide to behave.

PS: teahole… I like it!

Dude… that’s Italy. Zimbabwe looks like a paradise compared to Italy*.

*may be somewhat hyperbolic

America’s leadership is a bunch of hypocritical asshole lizards. Note that most Americans aren’t lizards, we just vote for lizards because if we don’t, the wrong lizard might get in.

And if too many Americans vote with their lizard brain, the wrong lizard gets voted in.

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THIS! Especially that last line. I needed a day off the internet to really let that hit home, but yea.

Yeah, pretty much. And that’s why I joined up with the other mammals trying to beat back the lizards. All of them.

Glad you’re not offended… the thing is you may be appalled at the treatment of some journalists in the USA, but… it could happen in Australia. It may already have happened in Oz. The USA happens to be in the news about it right now, but I guarantee a travesty like it will happen somewhere else in Christendom before long. We are none of us as free as we would hope to be.

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