Sen. McCain pens op-ed in Pravda: "Russians deserve better than Putin"


I believe you deserve the opportunity to improve your lives in an economy that is built to last and benefits the many, not just the powerful few.

Which country is he talking about again?


I am entertained by Senator McCain’s (R-Get Off My Lawn) comments on punk rock.


McCain’s next letter is a bit more poignant:


Except it wasn’t Pravda, it was The actual Pravda’s website is


More on what Jeffk has already said: This particular Pravda seems difficult to be found. And here’s the BBC’s take on things wondering, how much of an impact Mr McCain’s rant will have. On anyone …

Looks like took a stump speech about the Bush administration and swapped “Putin” for “Bush” & “Russia” for “America”. Stay Mavericky !!!

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Up next: David Cameron´s piece in the Chinese “People’s Daily” about the dangers of the surveillance state.


Now, now, Johnny and Vlad, am I going to have to give you both a time out? Or are we going to start behaving like good little boys?

For more on what I was talking about up there.

sigh. Oh McCain, i was almost with you until Syria.

They punish dissent and imprison opponents.

Unlike in the US, where dissent is treated with such acceptance. See: Snowden, Manning.


McCain wears Prada?


I think dissent could be better tolerated in the US, and the US government should be less beholden to finance and other economic oligarchies, but I think human rights are an order of magnitude worse in Russia.


I’m sure you’re right but then again that’s what we’re told to think. We still have the illusion of a few rights but more and more our rights exist primarily for the wealthy alone. Nearly everything McCain said about Putin’s Russia could be said about our country on some level.


Senator McCain?

McCain, the man who used to fly jet aircraft to drop chemical weapons and napalm on the civilian population of Vietnam?

McCain, the man who visited Syria this year, to bolster material support for a known Al Qaeda terrorist?

McCain, the man who advocated illegal military aggression - “Humanitarian War” - against another nation to further foreign-policy objectives, at least four times in the past ten years?

Gotcha baby. The world is safer with a ship load of Putin’s, than it is with one more like McCain…


I came to post the same quote. McCain could do more on this at home if he wants to be credible.

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The “brightest” and most powerful men in the world resorting to “I know you are, but what am I?”.

I find it difficult to fully express my displeasure with all of these assholes. It’s almost beyond understanding, so much power and so little compassion or honesty.


They write laws to codify bigotry against people whose sexual orientation they condemn.

Wow, they really are awful people.


You can observe how Pussy Riot vs. Code Pink has been treated, I don’t believe a lot of US opposition politicians have been jailed outside Siegelman. and you can compare how Manning and Snowden were treated with a long list of Russian journalists who’ve been killed.

I think it’s somewhat solipsistic to say there’s a true equivalency.