When the toilet on SpaceX's Dragon capsule broke, spraying urine in-flight

Have you seen The Expanse yet?


“Beam it down, Scotty”



That’s a function of the replicators that they don’t bring up in polite conversation. Especially while eating food from the replicators.


People love to hate on the series Star Trek: Enterprise but I give them credit for kinda sorta addressing that issue in the episode where they were answering questions from school children:


The Expanse Yes GIF by Amazon Prime Video

Enterprise was much better than people remember, I’d argue… other than that dreadful opening song… yuck.

I love how he throws Trip under the bus there!


It’s just that I can’t get past the theme song. Ever.

I’m sure the show is fine. Or whatever.

My biggest gripe was the whole “Temporal Cold War” storyline. In my opinion the whole franchise kept going back to time-travel plot lines way too frequently. Between the movies and the various incarnations of the TV show time travel just got totally played out as an interesting plot device, in my opinion, although I didn’t mind it in Star Trek IV or that newer one where old Spock passes the torch to young Spock.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just imagine Foghorn Leghorn (giant rooster from Loony Tunes) saying the following. I do say there seems to be a piss patina in the air.

Well, I guess don’t watch season 2 of Picard, which reportedly, that’s what it’s going to be…

That’s crossing over into an alternate universe. The Kelvin universe has been fully integrated into the story at this point… So there is not only time travel in Star Trek, but also multi-verse travel, with the Mirror universe ending up being an important part of Discovery.

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I dunno, some billionaires might pay extra for this service.

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