When you find out you are a very good egg


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Who is best floofy pupper today? This one is.


I’m pretty sure that’s Ghüs from Saga.



um that’s clearly the ambien walrus



God damnit I was going to post that, and I was sure I was going to be the only one that saw it. God bless you!


I hope the nice gal who cuts my hair never sees this video. Otherwise, she’ll expect me to sit absolutely, perfectly still during my cuts.


That instantly made me smile.

Thanks, Xeni.


I would have a hard time folding my ears back.


Are you… Lukas Haas?



12/10; helium seals are not dogs. (would scritch)


I am. Also John Cho and Clark Gable.



My groomers have to fold my ears over when they trim.


I recall that at some point, the studios had Gable’s ears glued back (for certain appearances?) That… and the studios didn’t exactly advertise his African-American/Native American ancestry.



Also, obligs…


That dog seems pretty relaxed, I wonder if the clicking scissors are having a sort of ASMR effect, or if it’s just patiently sitting and zoning out (like my dog does at the dinner table, waiting for a treat and occasionally nodding off in the meantime).


It’s a seal pup.


Dogs don’t smile. He’s showing his teeth.


Friday morning buzzkill… thanks for that…


I disagree. It looks more like light panting to me, not a threat display, where the gums pull off the teeth. And some dogs do seem to grin when they’re relaxed or having fun-- I’ve seen it myself.


Exactly. Dog owned by my parents does this frequently, and it’s definitely expression of happiness.


Hard disagree. There’s a big difference between “angry dog baring teeth” and “happy doggo face.” If the dog appears to be lifting its upper lip to bare its front teeth then no touchy, if it’s more of a happy pant with upturned corners then you’re probably good.

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