Where do YOU go for reviews?

Continuing the discussion from Adam Savage rants about search engines:

This comment made me realize I actually have a very small list of sites that I trust for review content, and that there are large gaps in coverage. For me, it’s essentially:

…and that’s about it. One will note these are both very specific and very narrow catagories, mostly due to both my personal interests, chosen vocation, and life as a renter (so home improvement wasn’t much of a thing). But if I were to search for say, car reviews, home improvement stuff, book reviews, etc - I wouldn’t really be able to know for sure if the site I was on really was an authority or not on any of these subjects. And I wager I am not alone in that regard.

So, over to you! What site(s) out there do you consider to be an authority on product reviews, and for what categories?


I do look at Amazon reviews. Even though I know the site is rampant with fake ones, when I see a product with 10s of thousands of 5-star reviews, i presume that the majority of them are legitimate.

I also scrutinize the 1-star reviews, because they describe the product at its worst.


Amazon 1 and 2 star reviews are the only reliable thing on the internet. I find most complaints on good items are people who either didn’t read the product description or have very specific use cases.
If it’s not a good item, those reviews will tell you right away.


Yeah if I’m searching for a product I’ll usually check Wirecutter first, then I’ll try including reddit on Google searches… sometimes I’ll search YouTube to see someone actually using it. I’ll check Amazon reviews… sometimes a person will write a really long review (good or bad) and that’s often helpful.

If it’s car-related often a specific make/model will have their own forum like https://www.chevybolt.org/

If I’m really desperate sometimes I’ll keep trying different google searches until I find a forum post.


(His Dark Thesis - Penny Arcade)

and after purchasing some stuff:


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