Where plastic goes



Lots of places, apparently…


Is there a nice infographic detailing how much fuel is consumed in recycling plastic?

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That sucks. That graph looks like we’re exporting our waste to places that probably do not have the resources to protect their rivers, streams, or soils from the likely dumping of heavy metals “recycled” from our unwanted electronics. Any chance we’ll develop a circuit board that can be broken down into a more environmentally friendly or reusable set of materials?
“And this, my tourist friends, is what we like to call the Great Lake of Recycled Mercury”.


Why recycle? You should repair and reuse.
It would be great if someone were to legislate against the inbuilt obsolescence that everything comes with these days. Minimum 3 year guarantee and full component availability guarantee for 15 years. And some sort of price cap to prevent spare components costing more than new devices. That should do it.
But no, it’s never going to happen because that will stifle progress. The “progress” in question is : paying the Chinese to manufacture new goods and paying the Chinese to dispose of old goods. So, who benefits from the progress? Well you do with your shiny new washing machine/HiFi/TV that is a bit flimsier and just as good as your old washing machine/HiFi/TV and of course you get a nice big chunk of national debt along with that.

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By Ford, you are quite the heretic!

Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches.
We all must do our part to keep the global economy moving.

Meanwhile, speaking of plastics, I wonder if more people should be aware that big plastic is acting a lot like big tobacco?

Apparently we’re all just a part of a vast estrogenic experiment without our knowledge.

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China needs plastics like Mars needs women.

Wow. I’m used to this BS with TV shows … but this?!


That’s sandstone.

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