Wherein The Doctor Explains How to Save Us From Ourselves

I’m on FIRE!

(just a draft/content site for cutting and pasting, but a huge step up I think)

Okay, so we’ve got. . .

  • The really old intro thingy from the mind map that Amanda was talking about. . . and the mind map itself, though we’ve come a long way since then
  • The Doctor’s Way (with one really big change, the termites are dinosaurs now, I don’t believe I didn’t think of that before!)
  • Valve to Awesome, a completely different angle, getting where we want to go, starting from Valve (draft)
  • Min/Max Everything, an even more different angle, using optimizers, rules lawyers, and the rest to min/max the world. (even more draft)

Slowly adding reference bits, we’re thinking a sort of uberglossary on top of everything else, that’ll be a bit of work but should be really helpful (so references to voting systems could all go to a well organized and summarized area)

So tell me you still can’t see it now :wink: If you can, I bet it’s just one more little piece, and it’s probably just something that my weird brain takes for granted.

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So, many questions answered, and broken up FAR better on the site.

Any more?

Anybody? We need questions to refine this thing so people can digest it!

Okay. I like you. I have no idea how feasible your idea is, but it is interesting. Interesting I can work with. I would like to live in a place where we‘re not mean to each other and actually doing something good. That would be awesome!

So I’m going to think about everything that I can think of that could possibly kill it and get back to you. Then we could figure out how to get those out of the way.

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That’s the spirit! Every time we break it things just get better afterwards.

You can go really far if you embrace your mistakes instead of hide from them, right? :wink:

For the record, I had JUST started a FAR better written thread just an hour or so ago, so I probably should start pointing people there, thanks for reminding me!

I’m new here. This was actually my first post on Boing Boing BBS as well. I was attracted to this thread mainly because of the title (love Doctor Who!), but I missed the other thread. Sorry la~ :smiley_cat:

Heh, don’t be! I hadn’t updated the links!

So you helped us! high five

The script there is better too. I love what we did with the termites! Got the complexity across. . but way cooler!

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