Where's Warhol – A visual needle-in-a-haystack picture book inspired by the Where's Waldo series


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Cool. Will definitely be grabbing this. This one’s a big hit in our house, too:


Clearly they were copying the Where’s Pricklepants puzzle I posted on the Questions thread earlier.


I wish I wasn’t out of likes.


Unfortunately work is busier more these day, so I have less bbs time, though as a minor benefit I have more likes.


Silver linings.



Sadly my time is spent doing the unholiest of unholies - writing code in Java to run on a Linux system that will allow it to manage Windows Domain Controllers. All the fun of WQL,WMI, and COM but on Linux and in Java. Horrifyingly, it’s working quite well.



The horror…


Imagine forcing Bill Gates to breed with Larry Ellison, and then breeding their offspring with Linus Torvalds. This is almost as horrible to imagine.


My brain decided to quit working after that sentence; sorry.

It refuses to process thoughts that might damage it irreparably.


???WTFF??? What unholy daemon from the underworld thought of that?


me… But, but, but what we’re replacing is something even worse - a Java app shelling out instance of Samba’s rpcclient that then communicate back to Java via pipes to run commands/read things from the DC, with separate threads to deal with spawning clients and reading their messages from the pipes, so this is actually an upgrade that will save network bandwidth and cycles. This is not to say it’s not horrible, or something I don’t hurt inside doing. It’s just that the old thing from before my time was utterly monstrous.

I’m making the world a better place. :slight_smile:


Where is the button for OMGWHY.

*will have nightmares*

More on-topic this seems really cute but I’d need to buy a coffee table and then have people over regularly. Huge investment. And I don’t like people that much. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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