Which 8-bit computer had the best graphics?

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I recommend running.

Why is Daley Thompson white?


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Keep walking, Spectrum/Tandy owners.[/quote]

At least they get a mention.

Nobody cares about the Amstrad, Rob. Nobody ever did.


Please insert the following disk into drive A: to continue:


The IIGS is the best out of that graphic, unsurprisingly. But I think that was a 12-bit system.


I always remember a letter in the Letters Page of one of the UK mags, back in days of pixelly yore (could have been Popular Computing Weekly). It went something like this:
“This is childish and needs to stop.
Commodore and Sinclair owners, come on, it’s time to bury the hatchet.
Let’s bury it in a BBC B keyboard!”


16 (2^4) colors out of a palette of 4096 (2^12), using a 16 bit 65816. I’m not sure what “bitness” that implies.
There were various tricks to get more-- sometimes a lot more, but typical games didn’t use them often.


SAM Coupé?


I’m afraid you’re mistaken on this point—unless you use some fancy, difficult to implement, undocumented interlacing modes (most of which weren’t even discovered until relatively recently), the Commodore 64 has a fixed palette of 16 colours, period. You don’t get to pick and choose from a larger selection. (Moreover, depending on the standard video mode you’re in, you’re limited in how many of those 16 colours you can use in any 8×8 or 4×8 pixel area.) Also, the Commodore 64’s standard resolution was 320×200 (or 160×200 in multicolour mode), not 320×240.

This comment from the linked OP raised a point that sounds important. I’m not sure I follow it completely though.

… these samples for the comparison are not proper, they were made on C64 and a conversion is the same a port. C64 has colour clash, it sould be redrawn from scratch on a cpc for better results.

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I’ve updated the post. Thank you for the correction!


The IIGS is a weird duck. So much potential and because of apple’s Mac or Nothing approach it just… died.



might prove illuminating, as it describes several graphics modes, one of which was as garish as the spectrum.

Of course, some of the modes might well be impractical for games.

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Skate or Die spawned a sequel: Ski or Die.

Feast your eyes on this lovely Amiga Screenshot.

Blows the IIGS right of the water, don’t you think?


At least it found some use as a SNES dev platform.

What a different world we lived in so not very long ago.

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I have fond memories of my ZX ‘Speccy’, but it has to be admitted the colour palette wasn’t as good as the C-64 or Amstrad (16 colour, 32x24?!? OK… I still think the ‘high-res’ graphic modes were more accessible to casual users, though)

That said, I have to point out that someone came up with a neat little assembler hack that allowed you get 8x24=192 pixel vertical colour resolution. Basically (…or, maybe not…), they overloaded the Z80’s IM2 interrupt routine that triggered every 1/50s, at the start of each TV scan (CRTs? How quaint!). This made it possible to sync with the line sweep and switch the colour registers before display. Pretty cool and, since it chewed up the entire CPU, pretty useless!


This was the point I was going to make. The artwork comparison being done has been done by just copying the the artwork directly from the C64 and putting on the CPC. The color palettes being so different are obviously going to result in inferior results on the destination platform the majority of the time. So the argument trying to be made about the C64’s palette being superior is somewhat ruined (especially when considering some of the transfers that end up looking /better/ on the CPC, EG: Most of the Commando example, Groo, Elite, Ferrari F40, Uridium)


Now THAT’S holding a grudge.
Let it go man…let it go.

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Erm… wtf? “Indie Retro News collected a set of artworks rendered by both machines.”? Even in the article it gives the original source at CPCWiki. For shame, guys!

Ah, corrected. Thanks for the response :slightly_smiling:

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