Which Cyberpunk timeline are we in?


Routine cyberattacks on political, social, and economic targets…

Terrorist attacks…

Politics of fear, uncertainty, and doubt…

Accelerating technology…

Corporate immunity and dominance…

Growth of robots and implants…

It’s pretty clear that we’re in the prologue to some cyberpunk novel or game setting, but the question is: which one?

Not Shadowrun (disappointingly), and we’re not going fast enough to hit Cyberpunk2020. Neuromancer, maybe?


I’m holding out for Shadowrun. My inner Troll wants out.


My answer is Akira


If we can avoid deus ex that would be nice as well.


I so wanted to be an elf originally. I’d settle for a human shaman though.


Cryptocurrencies, augmented reality, and America shattering along class lines into self-governing gated communities?

We’re in the Snow Crash timeline, obviously.


Lemme see, Clinton is in a presidential campaign. Blink 182 is in the charts. Tarzan is in the cinema and everyone’s playing Pokemon.

We’re in the 1990s, Matrix era, people! Mirrorshades and duster jackets all round. :smiley:



Cool. Hadn’t seen that. :laughing:

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