Which is the deepest, hardest Mandelbrot zoom of them all?


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I used to waste so much time playing with that. And it sure doesn’t take a billionty zillion zooms, a few dozen is crazy enough!


I see the Boingers are in a rather recursive mood today.

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Saying "Avogadro's Number" Avogadro's Number of times


I see the Boingers are in a rather recursive mood today.


Well, I guess that this website does promise, “Something wonderful.”


It’s not just the depth and hardness of your zoom, it’s also about choosing the right CGA palette scheme for maximum [staying in your bedroom with your 486 instead of participating in] 90s rave culture.



Once when I was working as a projectionist at an IMAX theater, some filmmakers looking to raise money for a film they were making- it was about the power of math, maybe. They brought a small roll of footage to show our executives, and it was my job to put it on a platter and get it on screen for their pitch. It was only about five minutes of film- sort of a pain in the ass to prep for showing, so I was grumpy about it. Professionalism behooved me to run it through with sound to make sure it was all working correctly. What I saw completely BLEW MY MIND.
The film opened with a CG-painty visage of Arthur C. Clarke reading some words about the power of math, then faded to a Mandelbrot set in 60 x 80 foot IMAX glory. The image zoomed in to a whorl, and you know how it goes from here. All the while, Clarke is going on about infinity and mathematics as the zoom gets faster and faster. At the end, words appear on screen that state that if the expanding images over the three minutes had kept scaleto the final image, the initial image would be the size of the Milky Way galaxy.
All other Mandelbrot zooms are disappointing after watching in full film glory of an IMAX version. I wish I knew what happened to that film.


I can still remember a wonderful short film that I saw back in the '60’s called (I think) Powers of 10. Not as totally twisted as this, but mind-blowing at the time. Any one else remember this thing?


I made one for an eighties IBM commercial starring Mandelbrot. I got the algorithm out of a recent (1985) issue of Scientific American, ran it on a VAX 11/750, and recorded it to film. It wasn’t a very deep zoom at all but it was fun.


I need someone to like the fact that I liked your comment.


Here you go!


SX or DX?


All right, 4K without the distracting visual artifacting of lesser resolutions
This sure is pretty
Music is pretty mellow.
I could do this all day.
Well not really. Got places to go things to see.
Just give it a few more moments.
Any day now.
Gonna peak at that scrubber.
71 minutes? Fuck this shit.


based on this presumably?


You can improve all of these by hitting the little gear in the bottom right, choose speed, then 2x. Now your zooms are ULTRA-hard.


Dang. Did that give anyone else a bit of a flashback? Holy cow, dude. Far out!


I see the Boingers are in a rather recursive mood today.