The first 5 minutes of 10,000 movies [video]


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this is… something. Wonderfully BoingBoingy. I was expecting an overlay of all of the movies, and was wondering if a common pattern emerged, or it all went to mushy gray (or that other weird color you get from combining images). This is something else.


but such a GREAT overload, the overload of my dreams…

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I did something similar a few years ago. I synced the first 16 James Bond film openings (timed so the gunbarrel shot is at the same time)


No audio? Bummer.

I remember this, this was great… but 10 000 videos at once??

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I will never not have a film to watch ever again.

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I zoomed in twice and found audio. Not sure if it exists at single-level zooom, or for all zoooom regions.






I’m surprised this isn’t takedowned.

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