Watch one million famous film frames flash by in about five minutes

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I doubt it’s playing at over 3000 frames per second, so how is this one million frames?


My sentiments exactly: is it a hyperbole?

Some of the frames are repeats. For example, there are several stills of the space ship lodged in the Moon’s eye, from Le Voyage Dans la Lun (1902)

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Then it must be… more than 3000 FPS? On Vimeo?


I recognized maybe two movies in that mess. And now I have a headache.


From the Vimeo original—

“1.000.000 Frames" is the title of an old old old project to make 100 videos about movies, this is one of those.

So just an inaccurate post title, it seems.

when the series is complete you can put them all in one window and start them.

Technically not inacurate, which as we both agree is deeply satisfying and the best kind of accurate. /s


Ok, that hurt.

But it made me think of persistence of memory and how many ‘streams’ we can process. What would happen if we took 3 movies, say Star Wars 4,5,6, played them frame offset so New Hope would show frames 1,4,7… ESB frames 2,5,8… RotJ 3,6,9… and so on. Could you filter out one from the others? Could you even watch all 3 simultaneously?

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You’re welcome to check out the creator’s Vimeo page yourself for more info. It sounds like all the work is long since finished. The video is perfectly clear about what it represents.

That is very important, thank you for explaining.

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In my defense, that description was updated today, after I looked at the Vimeo page. The description I saw just said it was from when the artist was 17 and had a link to a no longer existing patreon page. Nothing about multiple videos.

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An experimental film I wished I was able to see was " The Clock" which used multiple clips from movies to project a clock for a 24-hour period.

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