Which Presidential candidates are climate change deniers?

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Isn’t climate change denial part of the GOP platform, and therefore a requirement for any of their candidates?


For those fools who think “all parties are the same…”


I don’t think it is an official platform, but climate change denial falls heavily on the republican/conservative part of the conspiracy spectrum.

The breakdown reported on the candidates is interesting, because the republicans are all over the place and well worth a read. They go from surprisingly nuanced (yet still kinda wrong) to whacked-out. A couple of them don’t sound terribly different from the Democrats, albeit less specific on actions and generally favorable to the XL pipeline.

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GOP: Denial is their favorite beverage.


It’s more than just a river? Who knew!


Roger That!

I’d like to see a chart comparing money received from fossil fuel interests vs climate change denial.


It’s disheartening to see the word “believe” used in contexts like this.

  1. “Ben Carson (retired neurosurgeon) believes that climate change is happening in the sense that…”
  2. “Donald Trump (real estate developer) doesn’t believe in climate change and…”
  3. “Hillary Clinton (former U.S. senator from New York and secretary of state) believes climate change is”
  4. “Bernie Sanders (U.S. senator from Vermont) believes climate change is…”

The term “belief” is so mixed up in the concept of “religious belief” or “faith” that its use here is strange in the least. To “believe” something, one doesn’t need any proof or evidence… one simply needs to be convinced in their mind that the thing is true, which can happen in any number of ways. In the case of scientific theories or well founded, long term climate observations, “belief” isn’t a well founded resulting mindset. If one “believes in climate change” then one is only proving that no work has been done on their part to know whether climate change is real. Seems fair to say that we are far enough enough along on this topic that folks can take a stand on whether climate change is real, based on the evidence. No belief needed.


I challenge anyone to read this and still say that the Democratic platform is essentially identical to that of the Republicans.


Well, we all know the Shadow Government is heavily tied financially to both Big Oil and and the Big Research Moolah that all the tenured scientists get when they toe the party line on global warming, so it’s actually win-win for them

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I’m not willing to hand over the definition of “believe” to religion.
The scientific method gives good results since hundreds of years, so I’m sure it’s a viable principle.
With this foundation I can believe in anthropogenic climate change even without reading (and understanding…) the IPCC report.


They’re in⁠seine!

The Democratic platform is essentially identical to that of the Republicans.

It’s so easy to just say things when you feel like you don’t ever have to qualify anything to yourself or anyone else.

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Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.

And in 24 hours, it won’t have!


Very fair point.

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Joe Biden thinks it’s real and man-made, but that it’s too late to do anything about it.

Damn I want to see what you wrote. Did you go in real hard? I hope you went in real hard.

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