Ted Cruz and GQP cohorts mocked in climate change montage

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It’s telling how they all parrot almost exactly the same words. Like someone(*) gave them a script or something. They’re also remarkably good at staying firmly on-message. If only Dems had some of that same message discipline…

* Oh yeah: How the oil industry made us doubt climate change - BBC News


Republican politicians: a bunch of high school debate club nerds using the same empty talking point.


Good demonstration on how programming works. Unfortunately both sides are masters at it.

Republican weasel-y disingenuousness and hypocrisy are generally enraging, but when it’s happening around the issue of the end of modern civilization and potentially the end of the human race, my rage is incandescent. I’m afraid I’ll combust, just reading about it. I’ve never hit anyone in my life, but if one of these assholes tried this shit in my presence, I’m afraid I’d be unable to stop myself from doing my best to beat the shit out of them. (Though more realistically, I’d probably just have a rage-induced stroke.)

It really is just a game for them. They just don’t give a shit about the massive loss of human life and monstrous suffering, compared to a temporary political “win.” They’re total sociopaths.


I’m sorry, did he seriously say “biblical evidence?” What the actual eff.


They can go on shrugging their shoulders and saying “the climate has always been changing”, but you can bet that if tomorrow we had an ice age like the last one they would immediately demand the federal government start spending trillions to fix it.

It’s not an emergency until it’s an emergency.


The BBC’s ‘How they made us doubt everything’ podcast is excellent:


Keep an eye on these useful idiots. Following evidence obtained by Channel 4 News about how they have been employing lobbyists to sabotage climate legislation (hello Joe Manchin who they call ‘The Kingmaker’); the heads of Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP America have been summoned to Congress to explain themselves:


No. Absolutely no. This is one issue on which bothsiderism is completely inappropriate. One of the reasons we’re in this mess is because the media has abjectly failed to recognize this is not a symmetrical debate.


Lots of ammo. Ijits gonna ijit.

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Well, there is that one big sea level change story where only one guy took proper precautions…


Did you know that big oil is increasing donations to democrats? Did you know that on the top 20 donation recipients list is 5 Democrats?

Right vs left is only optical, the true struggle is wealth vs poor.

And then it goes one level deeper: Big Oil Uses Newsletter Ads to Spread Misinformation Ahead of Hearing


In fairness, it did seem like your comment was relating to a climate change does/does not exist divide.


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I know they’ve been given GQP talking points. As you said, they parrot the exact same words, mostly to right wing Pravda, Vlad controlled stations. The shows, especially Sunday shows, have also been told what to say/ask, mostly fox/newsmax/oann. So it’s just a circle of lies, talking points and disbelief that the Dems are calling them traitors, as they explain why they won’t respond to their last subpoenas.

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Right vs left is wealth vs poor, it’s just that most of the US hasn’t realised that the Democratic party isn’t the left and is mostly centre right, or makes excuses about why they shouldn’t include socialism in their political spectrum.

Still, only given the realistic choice of two parties I have to say the Democrats are better, just don’t mistake that as them being our friends.